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The thing that made the whole process with Neal so much better than I'd ever hoped it could be was his honesty and his humanity. Like a lot of people, I walked into his office in a much different place as a person than I did walking out. Neal is a major reason that I can say that on a positive note.

From initial meetings where I was able to honestly communicate a desire to reconcile with my ex to the meat of the case where things got a little tense to the final days where Neal was in constant communication, it was a wonderful thing to have an ally and advocate with me every step of the way. On the final court date, I felt comfortable and confident - Neal is a good man to have on your side because you know he's well-versed on your case and which things you find important without having to refer to notes.

Neal was very conscious of what I needed from a financial and stability standpoint as well as the things I was asking for to soothe my own nerves and take stands along the way from an emotional standpoint as well. Most noticeably to me was hearing "my lawyer told me I have to..." from my ex and realizing it never felt that way on my side. Neal makes excellent recommendations and tells you what he feels is best from a legal standpoint, but in every case I felt I was in control of the situation and my own future.

Additionally, he kept me coached every step of the way. Meetings to go over where we were, what I needed to do next and what I should expect were incredibly helpful. I never felt anything was a surprise and was more than willing to trust our plan as it kept unfolding.

The bottom line is that as I was researching someone to represent me, I went in assuming most would be competent and ethical from a legal standpoint. I chose Neal because after just our first meeting, I knew that he was aware that when we shook hands, I had to go back to being a dad and a guy with bills to pay and work obligations. The feeling that Neal worked with me every step of the way is something that I've learned is rare in my situation.

While he exceeded my expectations in his talent as a lawyer, the real value for me was in having someone who took into account my whole situation and acted according to my wishes. I can't recommend Neal enough and will say the same to anyone who is asking me for a recommendation in the future.

Made the whole process much more bearable than I would have ever hoped

Matt, July 3, 2015

It would not be fair to rate just Mario Ventrelli without his partner Neal Simon. While going through a divorce is a stressful situation Mario and Neal were outstanding. I spoke to other attorneys but they were both the best choice I could have made. They both were my councel. 
They were outstanding in every situation we encountered and were always on top of the game and very professional. They were extremely knowledgeable and always had your back. I felt comfortable with both Mario and Neal in every situation and both are fantastic. I went through a horrible divorce and the outcome could never be better than what Mario and Neal did for me. THE BEST YOU CAN GET.

Outcome could never be better

Michael, July 30, 2015

I had the pleasure of working with Neal for the past year and a half when my attorney Mario opened up his practice with Neal. Neal joined our team and in minutes I felt like I had known him for years. With all the difficulties, complexities and unhappiness of divorce, Neal guided me with an expert hand. I was faced with a very emotional, tension filled divorce that ultimately ended with a trial. Neal was always a calming influence. He is a man of integrity, inherent kindness and has a tremendous grasp of the law. He is thorough and will make sure every last detail is taken care of. He always answered my questions and addressed my concerns in a timely manner. His practice is fair and pragmatic and has the experience to know how to get you through your matter in a truly dignified way. Neal cares about his clients' best interest, does whatever it takes to counsel them through some of the worst times in their lives. There seems to be a real synergy in the office . In my opinion, SIMPLY THE BEST AT FAMILY LAW! 
Thank you Neal for all you have done for me.

Wonderful Lawyer and Person

Judy, July 2, 2015

Neal represented me as a third party to a divorce case. He was thorough and knowledgeable aa I was being harassed. Noteably, he was fair with his time and fees so I felt I got good value for expert representation. While I did not have to appear in court, he kept me informed through email and phone calls. He kept his cool while dealing with a harassing situation.

An efficient attorney for divorce cases

Client June 15, 2015

Neal was very talented at understanding the details of my case. He was especially in tune with the specific details of the case which I believed to be important while artfully reminding me of the "big picture items". His awareness of balance combined with the interpersonal communication skills achieved a united sense of pragmatism and calm from my side. Neal helped me avoid a volatile and costly confrontation. I achieved wonderful results with Mr. Simon. We avoided regressive behaviors that would not have served my family in any positive manner. We secured an ideal agreement that honored my key concerns against a sophisticated and accomplished opposing consul. I could not be happier. My family is delighted to move on to the next phase of our lives' together, thanks to Neal.

Tactically Brilliant, Excellent Situational Awareness and Markedly Sensitive to Client Needs

Jim, May 15, 2015

I highly recommend working with Mario. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and competent but approaches his cases with real passion and dedication. During my complicated divorce he was always a pleasure to work with and a trusted advisor. He went above and beyond to find solutions to any issues that were raised and always with a positive and can do attitude.

Real passion and dedication

Client June 26, 2015

Neal is both personable and professional. He's always responded promptly to my inquiries, and answered any questions I've had completely. This specific case required the cooperation of another party, who proved recalcitrant to the point of hostile, and I feel Neal handled this gracefully and thoroughly.

Great guy, great lawyer

Miranda, December 26, 2014

My wife and I mediated our divorce and Neal handled the legal end of it....he was timely and listened to my direction....he raised legitimate issues and told me the downside of some of the agreements I made....but at the end of the day, he met my time frame and made sure my wife and her counsel made the set hearing date...

Nice work

Jeff, October 1, 2014

Mario impressed me from our first meeting over two years ago with his outstanding expertise and kindness-a rare combination. Six months into my case Mario left as partner of a top firm for many years to open up his own firm Ventrelli Simon LLC. My gut feeling was to go with him and it was the BEST decision I ever made. My divorce was a harrowing emotional experience. Mario made each difficult situation as easy as could be and kept me informed and involved in every aspect of my case. He always listened to me patiently and treated me with respect. We worked as a team. Throughout some very contentious matters and ultimately a trial, he was always professional, courteous, patient and most importantly, EXCEPTIONALLY KNOWLEDGEABLE. He is very attentive, returns phone calls and emails promptly, always makes you feel like you are his most important client. There were never any surprise fees and he doesn't waste your money. He never once stooped to the level of unprofessionalism that I witnessed in court and from opposing counsel. He always advised me to do what is right and take the high road. He got things done fast, and you never doubt for a minute that he has your best interest at heart. 

Mario is a consummate professional in every sense of the word and I am honored to now call him a friend. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me through this tough time. You are a gift to your profession. 
I could not have done it without you!


Judy June 26, 2015

Neal was recommended to me by someone I respect. I personally found Neal to be available when needed, fair, consistent and very smart and savvy when it comes to interpreting the law. He was clear on how much he charged for services and there was never a surprise. I would recommend him and thankful he was there to guide me through a difficult process.

Exellent Experience- Would highly recommend Neal Simon!!!

Client, September 11, 2014

Neal, helped me get everything together and helped addressed some of the issues. Always responded to my e-mails and phone calls, I would recommend to anybody that needed a good attorney, he is very competent and helps you deals issues at hand. Thank you.

Someone honest & trustworthy

John, September 9, 2014

Neal Simon is an excellent young attorney. He brings great energy and expertise to all divorce-related matters. I have come to trust and value his opinion and most of the time he is right on the money with his judgement. Neal also is able to bring a level of calm to the divorce matters which can, at many times, become hotly contested. He is extremely ethical and stands above the crowd in a field that appears to be not very trustworthy. I am very pleased that I have him as my attorney and can honestly recommend Neal without hesitation.

Excellent Lawyer

Peter, September 3, 2014

I was in need of consulting a lawyer for the first time. My first contact with a lawyer was not great. But once I was in touch with Neal I felt listened to. Neal was thoughtful, practical and honest. I appreciated his time and feedback and would highly recommend him.

Highly Recommended

Paula, September 1, 2014

I can't say enough good things about Neal. I have been a client of his for over 7 years, and he's always been a very patient, knowledgeable and caring advisor. No matter how small a question I have, Neal always makes himself available. He makes it a priority to make sure that I understand all of the details regarding my case. Although I became Neal's client while living in Illinois, I moved across the country. However, I wanted my case to be heard in Illinois. Neal worked endlessly to make sure that happened. Once my case was opened in Illinois, Neal created a plan of action for both custody and child support issues. Although the court process can be long and arduous, Neal was relentless in his efforts. Come the hearing day, Neal negotiated on my behalf for the outcome that I had waited so long for. I know that should I ever need to call on him again, he will be right there ready to jump in. Thank you Neal!

Neal Rocks!

Chiara, November 19, 2013

My original divorce attorney left many loose and ends and unresolved issues. when I was originally divorced nine years ago. My ex tried to take advantage of numerous loopholes and he was clearly underpaying his child support for my three children. My first post decree attorney was unresponsive and unsuccessful...I fired him and immediately started working with Ventrelli/Simon and results started happening within a matter of weeks. My advice: KEEP SHOPPING FOR THE RIGHT ATTORNEY WHO WILL GET YOU RESULTS! Mario is very thorough and professional, time spent with him was very productive and he explained legal issues in plain easy-to-understand English. When settlement time came, Mario outlined the reasonable parameters and he was a very effective negotiator. I walked away from this process very satisfied and I felt that Mario and his firm were very fair with their billings. Divorce is clearly not enjoyable but Mario has outstanding empathy and is always willing to listen... Mario can resolve issues in a logical manner and he has earned the respect of the opposing counsels.

Mario and his firm did an EXCELLENT job with my re-divorce

June 3, 2015

TI was referred to Neal Simon by a close friend, who knew I needed an attorney who could handle an uncontested divorce. Neal did an outstanding job. He met with me and explained all of the implications of the situation I was facing. He advised me that if my (now ex-) husband and I were in agreement on the terms of our divorce, then we could just relay the information to him and he would draft the documents and make the process happen. And that's exactly what he did. He listened to everything I told him, he asked relevant questions, and then delivered the draft agreement to me within one business day. The agreement clearly and accurately reflected everything we discussed. He provided all of the many required documents that my (now ex-) husband and I would need to review and sign, and when we returned the paperwork signed and ready to be filed, he filed the documents promptly and handled the rest of the process seamlessly. Neal is located in the suburbs but handled our Cook County divorce quickly and without excessive billing for travel time. Neal was also very caring and made sure that I was OK throughout the process. He was very understanding when I became emotional, and gave me incredibly helpful advice based on his years of handling situations like these. I felt like I was taken care of by a true professional. The time between the initial meeting and the final hearing was less than 30 days total. Neal provided exactly what we were looking for, and I would absolutely work with him any time I have any family law related legal issue in the future.ell people more about this item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. To make this item your own, click here > Add & Manage Items.

Outstanding Attorney

July 31, 2015

Mario Ventrelli was great. He was pleasant, helpful and has a wealth of legal knowledge. He took the time to listen to all my concerns and provided honest, straightforward answers. I would definitely recommend Mr Ventrelli.

Honest, straightforward answers

Scott, October 6, 2015

Neal was not only skilled at understanding my needs, but he was talented at connecting with and relating to my ex-husband. With an initial divorce process that dragged on for a year and a half and cost a small fortune, it was so refreshing to deal with a lawyer who was expedient, effective, and who put both parties at ease. I will hope to not need his services again, but would not hesitate to retain him if further issues occur.

Easiest, quickest divorce interaction

Catrina, July 19, 2015

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